Sherlock: The Network

Marketing / Release

Where can I get the app?
You can get the app from the App StoreSM on your Apple® device or through iTunes® on your computer. It is available for iPad® or for iPhone®.
Which territories will the app be released in?
The app is currently available in all territories.
What is the difference between the HD and the normal versions?
The HD version is optimized for iPad® and can only be used on iPad®. The normal version is optimized for iPhone® but can also be used on iPad® but we don’t think it looks as pretty. The content and games and cases are all exactly the same for each version.
Are there spoilers for the TV series in this app?
The app contains spoilers for Series 1 of Sherlock but no spoilers for Series 2 or 3.
Will there be a sequel to the app?
We don’t currently have a sequel planned, but would love to hear if people are interested in a new one being made.

Technical Specs

Which devices are supported?
The app is supported on Apple® devices running iOS6 and above.
When is it coming to Android?
Good News - Sherlock:The Network will be coming to all popular Android devices (including Amazon Kindle Fire) in August.
Will the HD version work on an iPhone®?
Will the normal version work on an iPad®?
Yes, but the graphics are not optimized for it so it won’t look as nice. We recommend you use the HD version for iPad®.
I have a question about the story...
Hey! No spoilers! Figuring it out is part of the fun!

However, if you want to talk about theories or have questions, check out the forums at Sherlockology for more. (They are awesome people!)
The Finder game (with the things hidden in the picture) is hard. I can’t seem to find any of them!
We know it’s a little tricky. If you are taking a while to find things, very faint circles will appear over the parts of the image to show you where to look.

If you are still having trouble, ask for help with the game at the Sherlockology website or in other fan forums around the web.
I am not sure how to complete some of the puzzles. Can you tell me what I am supposed to do?
If you aren’t sure how to complete a puzzle, tap on the ‘i’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. It will give you instructions for how to play.

If you are still having trouble, ask for help with the game at the Sherlockology website or in other fan forums around the web.
The puzzles are really hard! What do I do if I’m stuck on one?
If you are stuck on a puzzle, there will be an option for you to have Sherlock help you solve it. If you choose that option, you won’t get any points but you will be able to continue with the case.
I am lost on the map somewhere and cannot find the next clue or case item – help!
If you are stuck and not quite sure where to go next, check your bottom right-hand corner for messages (usually a circle with a person’s face).

If there is no message in the corner, return to the map and ‘pinch’ the screen to zoom out to the highest height. From there, you should be able to see a solid orange dot – that is where you need to go!

If you are still lost, it might be best to start the case again from the beginning. To do that, open your menu and select ‘Cases’. From there, tap on the latest case (the one at the bottom of the list) and then tap ‘Replay’ on that Case page.

If you are still having trouble, ask for help with the game at the Sherlockology website or in other fan forums around the web.
Can I watch the videos outside the app?
Videos are only viewable from inside the app – they’re part of the story!

Bugs / Crashes

The app crashed/froze/totally isn’t working - what should I do?
Please send us an email at support(at) and let us know what happened so we can look into it for you.

Scoring System

We've had a few questions about how the scoring system works. Your score for each case is determined by the following:
  1. Ability to solve case games quickly and get all clues - how long each game takes you to finish, whether you complete the case at all, and also some 'bonus' points for different reasons such as getting extra clues or finishing every part of a game.
  2. How quickly you manage to travel between places and eventually solve the case - this relies heavily on your use of taxis and the Underground rather than walking.
  3. Acquiring inventory items with the money you pick up in the streets and earn from solving cases.