Sherlock: The Network


Sherlock Holmes has a message for you. He wants you to help him solve his latest case. Using your mobile phone, you must navigate the streets of London discovering clues, solving puzzles and piecing together the case.

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, Martin Freeman as John, and Mark Gatiss as Mycroft, Sherlock: The Network contains ten new cases to solve with exclusive video, games, puzzles and a leaderboard for top players.


Solve puzzles, unscramble audio recordings, break into computers and assemble images to gain clues. From missing persons and bomb threats to poison and murder, all the cases tie together in unusual ways - and all the threads lead back to 221B Baker Street.

Who is targeting Sherlock and his companions and why? Crack each case to uncover the truth.


The leaderboard collects the scores from all players across the globe to keep track of your timing and performance. The quicker you crack each case, the better your score. Return and re-solve cases, improving your score.

You aren't the only person in The Network - see how you rank compared to other members. Would you be essential to Sherlock's work?


Collect money, essential clues and tools in the street to help you navigate and make you better able to play your part. You can also purchase tools with the money you pick up in the game. These tools let you move faster around the city, make solving puzzles easier and improve your score.

Not everything you find will be relevant, so be diligent. And remember to use your Mind Palace to help solve the case.


Moving through London can be a challenge when time is of the essence. You don't have the luxury of Mycroft's driver or money, so you'll need to pick and choose how you spend your money on transport.

If you don't want to walk you'll need to puzzle your way by taxi or the London Underground to get where Sherlock needs you to go. Quickly unblock traffic jams and plot train routes or fall behind.

Listen carefully and carry out your tasks across the city. Keep in touch and prove your worth.
Become one of the detective's trusted ‘Homeless Network’ across London.
Join forces with the great detective himself to solve cases and save his loved ones.
Sherlock: The Network


Someone close to Sherlock is in trouble and he needs you to join his trusted network, bringing him information, clues and messages. In each case, you must analyse your surroundings, travelling through a virtual London on foot, by tube or by taxi, and working out what information is relevant and what needs be be discarded. Use your Mind Palace to deconstruct and play with the clues until you crack the case.

Sherlock: The Network


Become one of Sherlock’s trusted lieutenants by joining The Network. Immerse yourself in the world of Sherlock Holmes by joining The Network and helping him solve a series of new cases.

This official Sherlock app contains over 15 minutes of exclusive video and audio content, games, and an entire mystery for you and Sherlock to solve. Answer Sherlock’s messages to source and deliver information to him at 221B Baker Street. Navigate virtual London in search of information. Communicate with Sherlock and others in The Network. The more valuable you are, the higher you will rise in the ranks...

Sherlock: The Network is a game for iOS & Android phones and tablets.

The game is now playable in English and Chinese.

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Sherlock: The Network